New AHN policy has cell phones offline (and for the better!)


Credit: Rachel McKenna

Academy girls love their bright patterned cases for their phones!

Academy has recently become a 2:1 school, having MacBooks and iPads. With each girl having 2 devices connecting to the Wi-Fi, Academy is only able to accommodate for limited bandwidth as having so many devices strains the bandwidth. Adding a cell phone which automatically connects to Wi-Fi to the mix increases the strain. This being said, administration has put a new policy that has been put into effect: no cell phones are to be on from 7:30 to 3:30.


Junior, Devin Folkman, says she "loves the ablilty to use both an iPad and a MacBook"
Junior, Devin Folkman, says she “loves the ability to use both an iPad and a MacBook.” (Credit: Rachel McKenna)

The Academy Handbook now states, “Student cell phones and all unapproved electronic devices must be kept in the off position from the start of the school day until the end of the school day. At no time may students connect to the school Wi-Fi using their cell phones or unapproved electronic devices.”

All the Academy girls have their own opinions about this newly enforced rule. Some girls like Senior Caroline Yount are hopeful about the new rule. Yount said, “I hope this new policy fixes the Wi-Fi problem because in some classes it can take up to 3 minutes to connect to the internet.” To some, the new rule has little affect does not affect them much. Junior Sophia Mastro, says she, “leaves her phone off in her car everyday to stop it from being a distraction and at the same time helps with the bandwidth.”

Hopefully by making these changes, the bandwidth will be much faster and it will be easy to do work at school. Remember to turn your phone’s off before 7:30 every day!