Who’s Your History Hunk?

Grace Baxter, Senior Staff Writer

Everyone has been through that experience of flipping through a history textbook and discovering the Leonardo diCaprio of the past. May it be Abraham Lincoln, or George Washington, history hunks can be found everywhere. Academy girls are quick to tell exactly who is an attractive babe of the past.


A History Hunk can be anyone from authors..

“Not only does John Steinbeck write great books, but he has great hair.” Senior Jade Meurer admits.


#paulwalker kind of looked like #johnsteinbeck …..

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“I think Ernest Hemingway is cute. The “H” in Hemingway stands for Hot,” Senior Maggie Marquart adds with a laugh.

To the more notable hunks as the classic presidents

“I think JFK is the most attractive president and a definite History Hunk. I think that anyone can admit that. There’s no other president that measures up to him,” junior Domenica Howard reveals.


“Ronald Reagan. He was a movie star before being president. He’s got to be the most attractive,” Senior Kendal Lewis states. 



And finally, the History Hunk to end all History Hunks: Alexander Hamilton. He even spurred his own musical due to such a big new fan base with teenage girls.

“I love Alexander Hamilton. I’ve heard a lot about him from everyone loving him,” Senior Julia DiFabrizio discloses.


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credit: giphy.com

History Hunks are way for any history class to instantly become better, so the next time anyone is struggling to stay awake, make sure to look through the textbook; a history hunk might be lurking.