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Grace Baxter
Grace Baxter is a senior at Academy of the Holy Names and this is her first year here. She is an achona senior staff writer, and a first-year journalist. Her previous high school was Bob Jones High School in Madison, Alabama and she was involved in the Environmental Club there. She is very excited to meet new people and learn the ways of Academy this upcoming year. Since Baxter is new, she has had little time to become involved within the school. However, her favorite school subject is English. Out of school she enjoys shopping (her favorite store: Mod Cloth), and getting involved in politics (in fact, she did an internship at the U.S. Senate Page Program). Baxter explains that the reason she became passionate about politics is because she loves government and believes they can improve to do more good for the community. She enjoys 80’s movies such as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Say Anything, and The Breakfast Club. Something interesting about her: she is the youngest of five and she has lived in five different states. Baxter aspires to go to Auburn University and, later on, make a career as a staff member on Capitol Hill.

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Grace Baxter, Senior Staff Writer

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Grace Baxter