Student Making Books to be Sent to The Dominican Republic


Credit: Rachel McKenna/Achona Online

The girls made their books extra colorful for the children of DR!

The Spanish IV Honors classes as well as the AP Spanish classes are making short story books in place of the final exam.The books then will be taken to the schools so the children of La Victoria can read them.

Spanish teacher, Jose Ruano, is the man behind the whole idea. Ruano says he decided to make the books instead of having a final because “it will give the kids [of DR] something else normally those kids don’t have anything sometimes they don’t even have shoes.”

Ruano and his classes have been sending books to DR for the past two years.

There are about fifty students working on these books. The storylines range from stores about princess to super heroes to animals and everything in-between. Junior, Julia Prince, says she loves this idea and feels like she is “helping kids and and also doing my schoolwork, it’s a win win.”

Once the books are finished and graded, they will be sent with the girls who will be going to the Dominican Republic next March.