Junior Ring Rundown


Photo Credits: Alexa Traviesa (ACHONA staff)

A junior ring tradition is that after the juniors receive their rings, the sophomores create an arch above the juniors head with yellow roses, and the juniors are handed a rose by a sophomore as they walk down the aisle exiting the ceremony.

Junior ring is a memorable event for Academy’s junior class. The girls line up together and walk up the stage to receive their rings.  Dressing formally and appropriately signifies the importance of the junior ring ceremony.  The dress code for the junior ring ceremony is as follows:

  • Shoulders are not to be shown
  • Hem length cannot be more than five inches above the knee
  • No low cuts or open backs

Junior class coordinator and English teacher, Dr. Lauren Oetinger, says “This is a semi-formal event in which the junior class is presented as the rising leadership in our community. It is, in fact, the first time a class is formally presented to the Academy community (for example, The Class of 2019). As we are so fond of saying: Academy liked it, so they put a ring on it.”


Girls from the senior class were asked to share tips they learned for the current juniors know for the ceremony.

Lyric Vickers (‘18) says, “If you would not wear the dress to church then do not wear it junior ring. Also you’ll never forget the moment that you become sisters with not only your class but also other Academy sisters in history.”

Sophia Tremonti (‘18) says, “My favorite part of junior ring was picking out my shoes and my dress, and watching my sisters walk down the brady center aisle together.”

Isabella Onken (‘18) recommends, “Do not be nervous about tripping, but if you are too worried about it, then try wearing lower heels.”

Nyla Jacobs (‘18) says, “Although the school and staff are strict about the ceremony, do not be afraid to be yourself. The ceremony does not have to be boring.”

Photo credits: Alexa Traviesa (ACHONA staff)
There are three different ring color options, gold, silver, and white gold.