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Alexa Traviesa
Alexa Traviesa is an Academy senior, and second- year staff member of the Achona. While in school Alexa enjoys studying English and History because they simply “are just not Math.” She is a member of Academy’s lacrosse team, Pro-life club, and SADD club.  Next year Alexa hopes to attend college up north “where there are actually seasons.”  Her colleges of interest include Fordham University, Catholic University, and Pace University. Alexa hopes to study either Fashion or Sports Journalism. After furthering her education she envisions herself living in New York and writing for a magazine or newspaper. In her free time Alexa enjoys watching Criminal Minds, Great Gatsby, La La Land and spending time with her dogs. Her two dogs names are Kira and Gault, and the best thing about them is that they both have such different personalities. Kira her smaller dog has a very energetic personality while her larger dog is more laid back and lazy. During her time off school Alexa enjoys traveling. Her most favorite trips were to Africa, to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and to Paris simply to site see. Not only does Alexa go on vacations for fun, but also to give back. Her summer of 2017 trip to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro was organized to raise money for an up and coming school in Tampa Bay,she even titled her trip, The Kili-Climb for Kids.  Over the summer of 2017, Alexa’s father started a new school called Collaboratory Prep Academy. Alexa has become very passionate about the mission of this school, to help the less fortunate children of Tampa Bay receive a better education.  Alexa can also roll her R’s, make a three- leaf clover with her tongue, and uses conditioner first when she showers.

Alexa Traviesa, Senior Staff Writer

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Alexa Traviesa