Bella Otte 24, Julia Artz 24 and Sabrina Grayson 24 (left to right) star in Game of Tiaras. (Photo Credit: Nora Kelly/Achona Online)
Bella Otte ’24, Julia Artz ’24 and Sabrina Grayson ’24 (left to right) star in Game of Tiaras. (Photo Credit: Nora Kelly/Achona Online)

Academy’s acting classes present Fall One Acts

Every year Academy’s Advanced Acting classes put on the fall plays. This year, theater teacher Vivian Kimbler decided that the fall plays would be two back to back One Acts. Advanced Acting 1 and 2 performed Bad Auditions by Bad Actors which was followed by a performance of Game of Tiaras, starring the Advanced Acting 3 students and friends. 

Bad Auditions by Bad Actors follows a casting director and her assistant Roger attempting to cast the local theater’s production of Romeo and Juliet. However, they encounter some problems when all of the actors auditioning have some interesting quirks. Ashleigh Carpenter (‘26), who plays the Casting Director, says “This show and playing this role has given me a lot of new experiences. I’m trying things I haven’t tried before and it’s giving me opportunities to explore some different areas of theatre.”

Bad Auditions by Bad Actors marks the final Academy play for Advanced Acting 2 seniors Samantha Cogburn and Karly Luikart.  Cogburn, who plays Roger, says “I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to get closer with everyone in my acting class and it’s been really fun and it’s my last year. It’s my senior year and it’s been a good time.”

The cast of Bad Auditions by Bad Actors — Sofia Genco (’25), Samantha Cogburn (’24), Ashleigh Carpenter (’26), Imani Bell (’26), Karly Luikart (’24), Grace Andrews (’25), and Cate Pena ‘(25). (left to right) (Photo Credit: Nora Kelly/Achona Online)

Game of Tiaras is a one act play which combines themes of Disney Princesses and Game of Thrones. The show follows three daughters of a magical kingdom (aka England). Cinderella is played by Julia Artz (‘24), Ellie or the Snow Queen is played by Bella Otte (‘24), and Belle is played by Sabrina Grayson (‘24). The princesses fight over the kingdom as their father is unclear as to who he leaves the country to. The show is the final play at Academy for Artz, Otte, and Grayson, as well as for Isabella Fisher (’24), Amanda Stephens (‘24) and Giuliana Seise (‘24).

Giuliana Seise (’24) stars as Smeagol, the kings “loyal” right hand in Game of Tiaras. Photo Credit: Achona Online

Artz, Otte and Grayson were asked how they felt about this being their final show. Otte started with “If I were to rate it’s slay-someness rate, it’s at least a 10 slay, maybe a 10.5.” She later continued saying, “I think that these ladies are so talented and I’m so lucky to work with such a great group of people. I think this is such a fun show and shows all of our strengths.” Artz said “I’m actually so touched to be working with these ladies over the past four years, and this is our last show so it’s the most meaningful.  Grayson said “This is my very last play, and I am just so excited to perform and do what I love.”

Also playing a role in bringing the show to the stage is the stage crew. The stage crew for the Fall One Acts 2023 is Nora Kelly (’25), Sarah Younes (’25), and Anastazia Florschutz (’26). Florschutz, talking about her experience working stage crew for the one acts, says “It has given me a lot of insight about the inner workings of the theatre, and I’m just really glad to be working with this amazing group of people and this community. It’s been fun.”


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