Indie tracks to provide the soundtrack for your study sessions


Photo Credit: Mia Perez

Songs like “Mansard Roof” by Vampire Weekend is a great song to study to.

With our busy schedule this year it is hard to find a little “me time”, let alone stay on top new indie songs. Usually they are not on any top charts or on the radio, and who has time to search through iTunes or Youtube anyway! Here are a few indie songs I have been loving in between study breaks.

1. Believer- American Authors

Believer is an upbeat song with an urban sound.

 2. Major Minus- Coldplay

Coldplay is my personal favorite. Its a alternative British rock band.

 3. Diet Mountain Dew- Lana Del Rey

 4. Lucky Ones- Lana Del Rey

5. Off To The Races- Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey’s songs are very sultry yet somber. The medleys are haunting and beautiful.

 6. Royals- Lorde

Royals has become a breakout hit within the past few weeks! At only sixteen, Lorde has such a unique and beautiful voice. Royals is upbeat and fun!

7. Dirty Paws- Of Monster and Men

 8.  King and Lion Heart- Of Monster and Men

9. Sinking Man- Of Monsters and Men

Of Monsters of Men is an Icelandic folk band with beautiful lyrics and raw talent. The songs are nostalgic and innocent.

 10. Let it Go- The Neighborhood

The Neighborhood is alternative and bohemian; It has roots in Californian culture.

11. Entertainment- Phoenix

12. Trying to be Cool- Phoenix

Phoenix is very retro; reminiscent of the 1970’s, but still relevant for today.

13. Diane Young- Vampire Weekend

This song is very upbeat and draws inspiration from the music of the 1950s.

Enjoy, and feel free to brag about being hipster.