ACHONA’s Playlist for Every Mood Throughout the School Day


Photo Credits: Rachel McKenna Students listen to music before school to focus them for the day!

Throughout the day, everyone is in a different mood and wants to listen to a certain type of music that suits each mood. The various times of the day make everyone feels a whole multitude of emotions. Sometimes girls want to feel relaxed while other times we want to get up and dance. Whatever mood, here is the perfect playlist for you!

In the morning on their ride to school, Academy girls prefer to listen to slow yet uplifting songs as opposed to upbeat pump-up songs. Here are a few songs for the morning ride to school:

  1. Jason Mraz- “I’m Yours”

    Credit: Tumblr/bojelp
  2. John Mayer- “Half of My Heart”

    Credit: Tumblr/musicvideogifs
  3. Train- “Meet Virginia”

    Credit: Tumblr/90sbandgifs

During school, girls like to listen to calming songs that can help them focus on their work. Junior, Audrey Anello, shares she “loves listening to music throughout the school day, but fast songs make it too difficult to focus.” Here are some perfect songs to help keep the focus throughout the school day:

  1. Elliott Smith- “Between the Bars”

    Credit: Tumblr
  2. Bright Eyes- “Lua”

    Credit: Tumblr/oberstcult
  3. Coldplay- “Yellow”

    Credit: Tumblr/travelerghost

Finally, after their long day at school, Academy girls love to listen to upbeat songs to get them home. “After school I need to listen to some good jams to wake me up after my long grueling day,” explains Junior, Abby Morris. Here are some fun jam out songs to end your day with a bang:

  1. Twenty One Pilots- “Tear in my Heart”                                                     

    Credit: Tumblr
  2. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros- “Home”

    Credit: Tumblr
  3. The Kooks- Junk of Heart (Happy)tumblr_m4m9peVw7j1r220r0o1_500

Check out the rest of the playlists to get through the day below!