8 Lessons Amy Schumer Taught Us

Amy Schumer was featured in the most recent edition of ELLE.

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer was featured in the most recent edition of ELLE.

If you know who Amy Schumer is, you love her. She is the genuine example of a modern day, realistic woman. Unlike most celebrities that shape themselves to suit the hollywood mold, Schumer is comfortable with herself. Of course, still insecure, but she preaches it’s okay – hilariously. From interviews, to her show Inside Amy Schumer, and movie Train wrecked, Amy Schumer has taught us many important lessons about being a decent human being.

1-Be yourself because it’s stupid to be some weird version of someone else


(and its’ okay to be yourself and dance with Hillary Clinton)

2- The right guy will love you for who you are… no matter how many scones you eat


3-Always listen to yourself and the girls who know you best


4-Don’t worry so much about your appearance… everyone hates themselves


5- You can still be hilariously inappropriate without being a polished super model because you’re an actual human being 


6-How to talk to handsome guys 


7&8-How to (REALLY) eat popcorn and try online dating (it’s okay only if it’s for food)

Amy may appeal to her target audience of women in their 20’s-40’s, but she clearly has serious lessons for everyone reflected in her unorthodox humor. Only on occasion, is it important to pay attention to celebrities, and it definitely is in Amy Schumer’s case.