Celebrity Meet and Greets


Credit: Wikimedia/OwnWork/@Alerodriiguez19

Justin Bieber fans wait eagerly to get a glimpse at him.

Over the years it has become a popular trend for artists to have meet and greets with their fans before concerts. While tickets for things like this are always rather expensive, the prices are reaching new heights this year. Justin Bieber recently released tickets for his Purpose tour, with his highest package for meet and greet tickets going for $1,996.50 and the lowest package for  $921.50. These prices are outrageous, but in comparison to Demi Lovato, a cheap price to pay. Lovato and Nick Jonas released they are charging a whopping $10,000 for their meet and greet on their Future Now tour.




“I can’t believe artists are charging so much just for meet and greets!! They should donate the money to charity.” Abbey Bennett 10


“I wish meet and greets weren’t so expensive!! I would love to meet Justin, Demi, and Nick.”Emily Hoerbelt 11


“I definitely would have payed $2,000 to meet Justin Bieber. If they didn’t sell out so fast, I would be going!” Lily Oliva 12


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