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  • Parent Teacher Conferences October 22, 23, 26
Remi Storch
Remi is a senior at the Academy of the Holy Names and is a first year staff member on ACHONA, or as she calls it “a first year staffer”. She loves her dogs and keeping up with all the latest fashion trends, including makeup. In her free time she likes to watch Netflix, socialize, and play with her four dogs. She also loves spending quality time with her family. A unique fact about Remi is she is only 4’11” which is just above midget height. One of Remi’s favorite activities with the school is being a part of Student Council, where she gets to represent the school and help come up with new ideas to make it even better. Outside of school Remi is a spokesperson for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Remi is a cancer survivor herself. She fought the disease when she was only seven years old. She is now very passionate about cancer research because she wants all cancer patients to have the chance to have less toxic drugs in their treatment and she wants all patients to have a good support system. Remi’s favorite subject in school is history because she finds it very interesting and she like to learn about what has happened in our world in the past. She is so excited about this school year. It is her last year here and she cant wait to enjoy all the memories that will be created with her Academy sisters.


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Remi Storch, Senior Staff Writer

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Remi Storch