Fashion Week promotes designers from all over the world in its week long events and shows.
Fashion Week promotes designers from all over the world in its week long events and shows.
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Fashion Week takes the global fashion market by storm

Fashion Week 2023 has taken the global fashion market by storm, but what is it and how did it become such a popular outlet for designers?

Fashion Week is a week-long event in the fashion industry where fashion designers and brands showcase their latest collections in runway fashion shows to buyers and the media. These events are influential in shaping the upcoming fashion trends for the current and approaching seasons. Its beginning started in Paris in 1850 when the founder of Haute Couture, Charles Fredrick Worth, started inviting customers to his shows, hosting several at his home. Based on specific collections, these invite-only extravaganzas showcased designs and garments to grab the attention of potential clients and sell collections. His idea of organizing appealing fashion events to all his clientele in the area turned into what we know today as Fashion Week.

New York, London, Paris, and Milan are considered to be the biggest fashion weeks because they have a long history of hosting successful and influential events. The events attract top designers, buyers, and media from all around the world. These cities are known for their established fashion industries and have a large number of high-end fashion brands and boutiques, which makes them ideal locations for showcasing the latest collections. Along with their fashion, these cities have a strong infrastructure and support system in place, which helps organize and manage such popular events. The media coverage of these events is more popular than events in other cities, which boosts their popularity and status.


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When Fashion Week came to the USA, it was under different circumstances. America was already having runway shows by the Roaring 20s, but the idea to hold them all in one week did not come about until 1943. Fashion publicist Eleanor Lambert brought this idea to the states during World War 2. French fashion became inaccessible, so what was then called “Press Week”, became a great way for America’s fashion economy to grow. She then formed the Council of Fashion Designers of America in 1962. Ruth Finley then launched the Fashion Calendar, making sure runway shows in different cities did not collide with each other. This initiated New York Fashion Week and started a trend for fashion week to be in more cities. London’s Fashion Week started in 1984 when the British Fashion Council started seasonal fashion shows. It’s mainly known for its introduction to streetwear and royal fashions. Milan’s Fashion Week was inspired by French fashion and is known to put an emphasis on their quality of tailoring.

These events led to the start of Fashion Week shows as we know it. Nowadays, Fashion Week is held twice a year, with the February event showcasing the Fall/Winter collections while the September event presents the Spring/Summer collections. There is also Men’s Fashion Week which typically takes place in January and June. Designers now like to experiment with locations, trying to make each site stand out. They also include after-parties, celebrity appearances, social media, and showrooms to help with advertisements. In today’s world, designers have the freedom to unleash their creativity without any limitations.

Social media is a very important part of Fashion Week, offering designers a more general audience and creating buzz. During Fashion Week, fashion lovers can engage and stay updated. Designers use social media to promote their collections and create hype. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are popular platforms for sharing glimpses, photos, and interviews. Attendees can share their experiences, providing a unique perspective and encouraging others to attend.

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