The Summer I Turned Pretty has been circling around social media, causing division between the viewers on which boy Belly should end up with.
The Summer I Turned Pretty has been circling around social media, causing division between the viewers on which boy Belly should end up with.
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Social Media debates between Conrad and Jeremiah in TSITP

The finale of season 2 of The Summer I Turned Pretty has just been released. This has caused a ton of debate among viewers, constantly battling on which boy Belly should be with: Conrad or Jeremiah?

The Summer I Turned Pretty is set in Cousins Beach, in a beach house that two families go to every summer. Belly Conklin goes through a massive glow-up one summer, causing a love triangle between her and the two Fisher brothers. Every summer, Belly, the brothers, and their families spend the summer together, where most of the show takes place. Initially a book, the show has caused so much conversation about which brother is right for Belly.


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Let’s talk about Jeremiah first. Not many people are Team Jeremiah, and this is mainly because of the book. In the book, he ends up cheating on Belly at a frat party, and later on calls off their engagement. The show is very different from the book, including the series of events that aren’t added, or are altered from the original books. In the show, Jeremiah is the fun, golden retriever type of boy who has a very flirty personality. He becomes quite the character in season 1 as Belly and his relationship grows. At first, they were just best friends, but as Belly came back to Cousins, their relationship turned into something more than friends. People who are Team Jeremiah love his emotional availability to Belly, despite what happens in the book.

Ella Gariga (’25) talked about her stance on the debate, saying, “I think Jeremiah has a better personality than Conrad. He actually cares about Belly. I’m not saying that Conrad doesn’t, but Jeremiah has to make up his mind before he hurts Belly more. Jeremiah praises Belly and puts her above him, always trying to make himself better for her.”  

Conrad Fisher is more of a black cat. Being more closed off, he handles his emotions very differently than Jeremiah. Because people have read the book, this is why they deem Conrad to be Belly’s soulmate. Along with the fact that Belly literally grew up being in love with Conrad, most people are Team Conrad.

“After reading all 3 books, I know that Belly and Conrad are meant to be. He’s the only one for her and she’s loved him her entire life. When watching the show the viewers can see that Susannah, Conrad and Jeremiah’s mom, even know that Belly and Conrad have a future together and are destined to fall in love at some point, which shows why everyone should be Team Conrad” said Marcella Perilla-Peña (’25).

There are many different reasons why people are either Team Conrad or Team Jeremiah. Both boys bring a lot to the table for Belly, and this is why this show has caused such a debate between viewers. The Summer I Turned Pretty turned a coming-of-age, teen romance into a fun debate over which boy is best for Belly. The show even hit the #1 spot on Prime Video. Season 2 ended on a high note if you are Team Jeremiah. Jeremiah and Belly share a kiss at the end and become an official couple. Viewers will be awaiting for the status of Belly’s love triangle between the two brothers and much more to come when season 3 hits Amazon Prime. So, who will it be: Jeremiah or Conrad?


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