On April 19, Taylor Swift dropped 31 new songs with a bunch of hidden messages.
On April 19, Taylor Swift dropped 31 new songs with a bunch of hidden messages.
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Ranking Taylor Swift’s “The Tortured Poets Department”

At midnight on April 19, Taylor Swift dropped her new album called “The Tortured Poets Department.” Unexpectedly two hours later she dropped an additional 15 songs, making a total of 31 new hits on “The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology.” There are bound to be some fan favorites, so here are the top five:

1. “But Daddy I Love Him”

Taylor Swift dives into the complexities of forbidden love and the tangled contradiction of catching feelings. Swift also describes the inner conflict of choosing family over love, with an additional layer of self-awareness by calling out fan and media commentary on celebrity relationships. Across several websites, this song was listed as number one on the album.

2. “Florida!!!” (ft. Florence + the Machine)

In “Florida!!!”, Taylor Swift describes the Sunshine State with moving away after a heartbreak to start a new life. The song revolves around the idea of trying to escape consequences by fleeing but they always catch up to you. The song features indie rock band Florence + The Machine. 


3. “So Long, London”

“So Long, London” is supposedly a direct response to her song “London Boy” from her Lover album, which spoke of her then-boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. This track is seemingly her way of saying goodbye to both Alwyn and London.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn: All We Know About Their Breakup
Swift and Alwyn supposedly broke up around April 2023 (Photo Credit: The Week).

4. “Down Bad”

This song is about questioning heartbreak and a slight post-breakup obsession with anger. Fans think this song is connected to Taylor’s ex-boyfriend, Matty Healy. Most people ranked it in their top 5 of songs.


5. “thanK you aIMee”

“thanK you aIMee” is about high school and years of a long feud. Looking closely at the title, it’s obvious who this song is about — Kim Kardashian. The song also starts with “a bronze spray-tanned statue.” Swift and Kardashian’s drama started back in 2016, when Kardashian was supposedly accused of leaking a phone call between Swift and Kanye West about releasing songs. 

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