Essena O’Neill’s Movement to Quit Social Media: Should We Support?

Essena Oneill attempts to start the Social Media free movement; starting with her site.

Essena O’neill attempts to start the Social Media free movement; starting with her site.

Essena O’Neill is an 18 year-old from Australia who was one of those instagram famous “perfect-body, perfect-life” people that was paid by companies to endorse their products on her social media platforms since she was 16. She relied on this as her major source of income; not knowing the toxic ideals that she was spreading.

After she came to her senses, she decided to create a social platform that supported her new ideals surrounding the purpose of the internet. She expresses the mission of the  site appropriately named ‘letsbegamechangers’ as “I want to live in a world that encourages creative ideas, innovation and authentic self expression. This site is my way of expressing myself and what inspires me, in hopes to motivate you to express yourself in your own life. I don’t have all the answers and I don’t want them. I want to feel, question and create.”

Instead of receiving money from the companies she endorses as she used to, she lives off the money donated to keep the site going and the money she receives from speaking her mind on many different platforms including Good Morning America.. She makes it very clear in any of her descriptions that this site is to only promote positivity: not twisted or seemingly positive posts. O’neill does this by sharing inspiring products such as books, music, and other innovative additions to her life. O’neill also writes and responds to subscribers with questions about her lifestyle and what direction it is taking her in. Below are some values that O’neill promotes on her site through all her inspiring videos, responses, and products.  

        • Our Home: Anything to do with nature and this planet; environmental preservation, awareness, exploration, appreciation.




        • Being present: I’m trying to learn how to be fully present in order to be able to take in each moment wholeheartedly and to fully appreciate everything this life has to offer.




        • Veganism: The connection to all life forms on earth. Showing kindness and respect to all animals, the environment and each other.




        • Real Health: Mental health, physical health and of course spiritual health. My definition of real health is if you feel good, you effortlessly spread good.




        • Unity: A world free from discrimination, shame, ridicule and blame. A world of compassion, support, togetherness and oneness for everyone.




        • Self Expression: The ability to express your own thoughts, concerns, ideas freely in order to personally grow, learn and additionally inspire other’s to do the same.




        • Love and connection: Feeling love from within, feeling it in all relationships, spreading love and the aspiration to work together in the beauty of connection.


        O’neill gives an interesting proposition, quit social media and explore your life from there. Now could anyone actually do this? Essena has, and she has specifically edited her instagram to reveal the effects and her realizations of her past activity on the site. 

O’neill shares her  encouraging testimony in her first video posted to her new site.


Now the controversy begins, O’neill’s ‘so-called’ friends claim that she is only doing this entire movement to gain even more fame.

What do you think? comment below on the controversy and your opinion of quitting social media!


UPDATE: Instagram posts on this story cannot be seen as Essena has deleted her Instagram page.