Friend Soulmates


Photo Credit: Almarosa Torres

Alejandra Lozano and Alma Torres are the epitome of friend soul mates; on days of from school they spend the day just being together.

A soulmate is defined as a person who has the same beliefs and opinions as another person.” In most scenarios, if you ask someone what a soul mate is, they will describe them as a romantic partner. Everyone knows about friends and everyone knows about soulmates, but what about friend soul mates? Do they exist?

Senior Giorgina Flanagan believes in them. She defines a friend soul mate as, “someone you connect with and who automatically gets you.” Your friend soul mate could be your best friend, your mom, your sibling, anyone. It’s not limited to someone you’re romantically interested in, but to anyone you could share a connection with. Senior Bryanna LaRussa states, “Friend soul mates. They are the friends that you can lean on and always can go back to. Eva [Prendergast] is my friend soul mate. We understand each others lives and problems and we are always there for one another. We bring out the best in one another.”

Bryanna LaRussa and Eva Prendergast are the ultimate friend soulmates. Credit: Bryanna LaRussa

Senior Alma Torres adds, “A friend soul mate is there for you at 2 am and will drive to your house no matter what. They are someone that will bake cookies for you when you’re having a bad day. You don’t have to talk with words to know what they’re thinking. They’re the people that when you’re out and you see almost anything, you think of them.” Friend soul mates go beyond a best friend, but are people that understand you and get you through the every day problems.

Friend soulmates are the type of people to make cookies for you when you're feeling down. Credit: Alma Torres
Friend soulmates are the type of people to make cookies for you when you’re feeling down.
Credit: Alma Torres

With stressful things like finals coming up, friend soul mates are going be the ones to keep you sane. Here’s to you friend soul mates, for without whom none of us would have sympathy cookies or people to cry about the Notebook with. And for everyone worried about finding their one true (friend) love, your friend soul mate could be just around the corner.