Jenner & Biermann: 2015’s most renown teen celebrities & their influence on society


Credit: Lily Oliva

Kylie (18) and Brielle (18) both share tons thousands/millions of followers on social media, broadcasting their daily lives as well as OOTD’s.

Teenage icons Brielle Biermann and Kylie Jenner are undoubtedly two of the most influential role models in our society; however, is their role in society having a positive or negative effect on young girls across the globe? Nowadays oversized sunglasses, plump lips and plunging v-lines seem to be the hot new trends thanks to these two teen celebrities, yet at what cost? By publicizing cosmetic surgery and promiscuous outfits, Biermann and Jenner are subjecting teenage girls to lifestyles and customs that are beyond the norms of society. In an interview with Senior Kendall Lewis, Junior Riley Gillis, and Senior Lindsay Boos, thoughts and attitudes were shed on the influence of these two stars.



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Left: Senior Kendall Lewis, Top Right: Senior Lindsay Boos, Bottom Right: Junior Riley Gillis
Credit: Lily Oliva
Left: Senior Kendall Lewis, Top Right: Senior Lindsay Boos, Bottom Right: Junior Riley Gillis
    • What type of influence do you think Jenner and Biermann have on girls your age? What type of influence do you think they have on Academy girls?

Kendall Lewis: “I think they influence the standards of beauty, both wear heavy makeup and many girls look at them as role models. I think Academy girls know who they are but I haven’t seen many model their makeup looks after them. I have however, seen many girls copy their style.”

Lindsay Boos: “These girls could make high school girls feel insecure and start to feel that they need to do these surgery. They make girls think that they are not good enough and they need to change their body drastically and then it leads to eating disorders and mental problems.”

Riley Gillis: “A lot of girls my age look to Jenner and Biermann for style and fashion tips. Not all of try to copy their looks or actions, but a lot use their style as inspiration for their own individual style.”

    •      Would you consider them positive role models for society? Why or why not?

Kendall Lewis: “Personally I don’t see them as positive role models because they both seem kind of fake.”

Lindsay Boos: “I would say they are not a positive role model because they do not act the age they are.”

Riley Gillis: “Personally, I don’t think they are positive role models because they make a lot of girls feel insecure. They both have had work done to improve their looks, and some girls feel a lot of pressure to live up to standards they set.”

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          •   Have you ever felt pressured to live up to their physical and materialistic standards?


      Kendall Lewis: “I haven’t felt pressure to live up to them specifically but I think they do add to the overall unattainability of photoshopped celebrity looks that create unrealistic beauty standards for girls.”

Lindsay Boos: “No, but I have wanted some of the things they have like clothes and purses and other things, but not that I want to be on their standard.”

Riley Gillis: “Both Biermann and Jenner are really pretty, so I would want to look like them but I have never really felt like I have to look like them. I just have never really wanted a lip-injection or a breast implants.”

          •   What are ways you can get girls your age to realize their inner-beauty, regardless of societal standards?


    Kendall Lewis: “I think the biggest thing that can help girls my age realize their inner beauty is for them to understand how Photoshop works and how no one looks perfect so they need to love themselves for who they are, not how society tells them to look.”

Lindsay Boos: “To be able to see the true meaning of life and not worry about having the prettiest or the nicest things, because you can’t bring a u-haul to heaven with you, haha.”

Riley Gillis: “Girls can recognize their inner beauty by supporting each other. Sometimes they it seems like it’s so much of a competition to look good that everyone forgets to notice the inner beauty. Saying one nice thing can change someone’s whole day.” 

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  • Who do you think is a good role model? Why do you think some people categorize Jenner and Biermann as good role models?

Kendall Lewis: “I think Malala Yousafazi is a good role model. I think some people categorize Jenner and Biermann as good role models because they idolize them.”

Lindsay Boos: “I think that a good role model is [your] mom. People categorize Jenner and Biermann as good role models because they are famous and they “do good things and give back” but usually not really.”

Riley Gillis: “I think Emma Watson is a good role model because she handles being famous so well. Her whole life is in the spotlight, but she used her fame to encourage people like with her for He For She speech.”

  • Do you see these negative influences creeping in during formal season in terms of what makes girls choose the dresses they want?

Kendall Lewis: “I don’t think I see negative influences, because I think most Academy girls just choose the dresses they feel best in.”

Lindsay Boos: “Yes, girls see negative influences from girls their age that are famous like Jenner and they start to want to dress like them because they usually wear very scandalous stuff.”

Riley Gillis: “I don’t think the time of year has changed the influence they have on girls. Girls always stress about formal and finding dresses, so I think they look at celebrities like Jenner and Biermann for inspiration because they usually have good style.”

  • Do you think BOYS are aware of these girls and does that affect how they see AHN girls?

Kendall Lewis: “I think boys are just as aware as we are but not necessarily for the same reasons. We idolize these girls and look up to them, where as boys see them as the standard of beauty they expect us to live up to.”

Lindsay Boos: “Yes, guys see the girls that wear scandalous, tight, cut out, short dresses and maybe girls think they are wearing something that is too conservative.”

Riley Gillis: “Most boys know about Kylie Jenner, but I don’t think as many know about Biermann. Boys obviously think they’re gorgeous, but I think they know most of it is fake, like their surgeries and makeup.”

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Despite the unconventional trends these two stars have set, such as the “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge” and colorful, eccentric hair extensions, Academy girls remain true to who they are. By encouraging classmates and friends, it is evident that support and realizing the true meaning of life are critical aspects in discovering authenticity. In conclusion, reminding others that the majority of images they see on these girls’ social media pages are highly edited, thus displaying an even more unrealistic portrayal of the teen sensations. Expensive material objects can only bring so much happiness for so long. It is pertinent that girls today realize the importance of self-discovery, because that is the key to true happiness. Biermann and Jenner represent the impact of growing up in the spotlight and how severely it affects one’s style of living.