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Lily Oliva

Lily Oliva, Editor in Chief

Lily Oliva is an Academy senior, second year journalist and Editor in Chief for the Achona. This school year is most definitely going to put Lily's desire and dedication for academic excellence to the test. With four AP's under her belt as well as being President of SADD, Lily has a rigorous yet feasible school schedule ahead of her. In the fall of 2016, Lily hopes on attending Florida State University pursuing a career in Broadcast Journalism. Journalism is something that she holds very dear to her heart because it is such a significant aspect in the field of work she wishes to follow -- she wishes to be the next Megyn Kelly... but brunette! One of Lily's primary goals for this year is to intrigue her viewers by writing articles that are informative and appealing to all age groups. Current/world events and fashion spark Lily's interest in writing and creating captivating stories. This year at school, she is looking forward to having the best senior possible with all of her AHN sisters. If Lily was given the chance to visit any place in the world, she would choose either Greece, Australia or Dubai.

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Avocado toast is rich like buttered toast -- only heftier, silkier, and yes, even richer. It is very delicious for breakfast or even a snack!

What Kind Of Toast Are You?

Lily Oliva, Editor in Chief
May 12, 2016
Senior Gabi Vivero claims she loves her freckles. Vivero continues, whenever I put on makeup, I always try to show them as much as possible; I never cover them up. Learn to love and embrace your freckles rather than feel insecure about them!

The Science Behind Freckles

Lily Oliva, Editor in Chief
April 19, 2016
Love always prevails, even in the most awkward and bizarre moments!

Declarations of Love Gone Wrong

Lily Oliva, Editor in Chief
February 28, 2016
Ever try the No Makeup Mirror Challenge? There are so many fun and interesting ways to experiment with makeup. Why not get a little messy?!

What Makeup Item are you?

Lily Oliva, Editor in Chief
February 4, 2016
YETI was born out of frustration and molded by experience

Intro to YETI: Built for the Wild

Lily Oliva, Editor in Chief
January 13, 2016
Awesome for a relative.

[Photo] ACHONA’s Gift Ideas

Karlee Nipper, Feature's Editor
December 9, 2015
Tampas 5th Annual Pig Jig

Tampa’s 5th Annual Pig Jig

Lily Oliva, Editor in Chief
October 31, 2015
Lammily vs. Barbie: Who Will Win?

Lammily vs. Barbie: Who Will Win?

Lily Oliva, Editor in Chief
October 8, 2015
Left to right: Jackie Joyce, Carolina Oliva, Megan Bajo and Lily Oliva

[Photo] Senior Sleepover 2015

Carolina Oliva, Arts and Entertainment Editor
August 21, 2015
Spring into Style

Spring into Style

Lily Oliva, Junior Staff Writer
April 30, 2015
One of the many ancient artifacts discovered: a part of a buried ceremonial set!

White City: A Vanished City

Lily Oliva, Junior Staff Member
March 26, 2015
Representation Projects motto: You cant be what you cant see.

A brand does not define you: #askhermore

Lily Oliva, Junior Staff Writer
March 3, 2015
A little sneak peak of the inside of Fruitwoods colorful and authentic market!

Fruitwood Standup Market: Review

Lily Oliva, Junior Staff Member
February 9, 2015
Blueberries are a healthy, quick snack that are yummy and beneficial!

An apple a day keeps the “F’s” away

Lily Oliva, Junior Staff Writer
February 3, 2015
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Lily Oliva