Pancake Art Trend Sweeps the Nation

In the recent months, people have been transforming pancakes, an average breakfast food, into a work of art. The trend began after a dad, Nathan Shields, decided he wanted to step up his breakfast game and made his children car pancakes. The kids loved it so much Shields began making different animals, movie characters, and people.

These pancakes are not as difficult to make as they seem. To make them, follow the following three steps:

  1. Make the pancake batter
  2. Place batter in a squeeze bottle
  3. Squeeze batter onto a pan, putting the darker areas of the design down first

If you want to make the pancakes extra special, add food coloring to the batter to change the color.

Since Shields revolutionary idea, many different people have begun to start to try and make their pancakes into works of art. Some people were successful, others like Junior, Katherine Garcia, were not so successful.

“One morning, after a couple of my friends slept over, we tried to make pancakes that looked like different animals but it did not work. We didn’t have a squeeze bottle and just tried to pour the batter, so that’s why it didn’t work.”

Regardless of if you can make your pancakes into works of art or not, you can still appreciate the creativity needed to create them.