Events that happened in the Class of 2016’s lifetime

Major events that the Class of 2016 has lived through, both historical and cultural


1998 around a year old

Lewinsky Scandal and investigations


2001 three years old

September 11 terrorist attacks

2002 four years old

Kelly Clarkson becomes the first American Idol


2003 five years old

Apple launches iTunes, and immediately becomes a major success

2004 six years old

Social networking website Facebook is launched


2005 seven years old

Hurricane Katrina hits and devastates Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama

Grey’s Anatomy premieres

2007 nine years old

Late 2000s recession begins


2009 eleven years old

Pop icon Michael Jackson dies


2011 13 years old

Osama bin Laden is killed by United States Naval Special Warfare Development Camp


Royal Wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William

2012 14 years old

The Hunger Games movie series is released


2013 15 years old

Miley performs at the VMAs and begins her transformation

Jonas Brothers break up

Disney’s Frozen takes over the big screen

2014 16 years old

Nigerian schoolgirls captured

Ebola outbreak in West Africa


2015 17 years old

Same-sex marriage is legalized

2016 18 years old

The World Health Organization announces the outbreak of the Zika virus