Our Seniors Are SUPER(latives)

The Achona junior staff members would be lost without our senior sisters to guide us through our junior year, and for many of us, our first attempts at journalism. As a class, we thank you for being an example of a good journalist and letting us know the dos and don’ts of our junior year. We will miss each of you dearly, and wish you the best of luck as you begin your college experience! For each of you, we have assigned superlatives.

Isabella AlfonsoMost likely to move to Italy

Grace Baxter- Most likely to be a stand-up comedian

Audrey CooperMost likely to become a Cali beach girl/hippie

Avery Dierks Most likely to sing the National Anthem at a Major League Baseball game

Jackie JoyceMost likely to be featured on a Comedy Central Roast

Ashley ReparMost likely to serve Canadian bacon and maple syrup at her wedding (the groom- a hockey player)

Gabi ViveroMost likely to marry a band member

Megan BajoMost likely to join the WNBA

Zoe BennettMost likely to major in principalness

Jaqueline BrookerMost likely to invite the whole school to her grad party

Gracie HancockMost likely to become an author

Alex PerezMost likely to become a band manager

Pia RocaMost likely to make a cameo in Scandal

Caroline Swenson- Most likely to join the crew team at Ole Miss (if there is one)

Gabby Accardi Most likely to come back to Tampa

Karlee NipperMost likely to become a dolphin

Lily OlivaMost likely to continue with journalism and join FSU’s newspaper

Grace ToupsMost likely to rob Lush

Alejandra LozanoMost likely to be the next Cadet Kelly

McKenzie Miller Most likely to be able to change your tire

Carolina OlivaMost likely to become the next Jaclyn Hill

Jeanine Ramirez- Most likely to be a Political News Correspondent