Dominican Republic Shoe Drive brings out competition at Academy

It’s time to dig through the back of your closets and hunt for any forgotten or old footwear.  AHN Dominican Republic missionaries are on the search once again for any gently-used, close-toed shoes for the children of La Victoria, D.R. The drive takes place from January 20 until the last week of February.

This is an opportunity for students to not only help others in need, but to also bring out some friendly competition amongst all grades – we’re talking an all school battle. Grades Pre-K through 12th will race to see who can collect the most shoes by the end of February. The missionaries will keep track of the winner for each week and then tally up all the points at the end. The winner will be honored with a celebratory ice cream party.

To attend school in La Victoria, Dominican Republic, the children are required to wear shoes. Due to the poverty in La Victoria, many children have inadequate footwear (or do not have shoes at all), and therefore cannot receive a proper education.

Megan Glogowski has never been on a mission trip but agrees that a shoe drive is one good way of helping out. “I think it’s a great way to get the entire school involved – even the students who aren’t going on the mission trips.”

In addition to the annual Shoe Drive, all school missionaries are organizing the traditional Money Wars competition. This brings together all Academy Mission Trips in order to raise money for each trip. This is also battle between grades to see who can collect the most change. Money War will run from January 28 until February 7.