Inaugural North Carolina Mission trip a huge success

This year’s new mission trip in Black Mountain, North Carolina was a huge success. With twenty nine missionaries, and four leaders there were always things to talk about and activities to do. All the girls agreed this was one of the most fun and rewarding mission trips they’ve ever attended.

With the thirteen hour bus ride, the first night in North Carolina was filled with unpacking and settling into their cabins. The trip’s first day of service was spent separating into four groups and helping out parishioners of the town’s church by going to their houses and helping them with their yard work and household chores. After getting to know the parishioners, it was hard to say goodbye.

“Meeting the little four year old Cary we helped on the first day changed my life, she had such an amazing story and such a happy attitude. I miss her already and hope we get to help her again next year,” recalls junior Lizzie Farley.

The second day was spent at Manna Food Bank sorting cans to distribute to the homeless and packing pasta into plastic bags. The girls learned from the volunteers the amount of homeless people living in the Carolinas and in the United States. Once the girls heard how many people these food boxes would be helping, they fully realized how lucky they are to have the lives they do.

The third day was spent in the parish scrubbing the grout of the church and cleaning the outdoors. “Even though we did busy work the whole day, once we saw the smile on the priest’s face and saw how thankful he was, it was all worthwhile,” commented sophomore Lily Oliva.

The girls had a prayer service every night where they reflected on how the day went and talked about who stood out to them throughout the day and what they enjoyed. Junior Kayla Rodriguez sang the trip’s song “Set The World on Fire” every night, along with any other sing along requests. This was everyone’s favorite part of the trip, because they all bonded and grew to know each other.

“Besides getting to bond with everyone at night time, I also really enjoyed going on hikes with big groups and laughing the whole time. It was hilarious to see everyone struggle all the way to the top,” mentions junior Maddy Matter.

Overall the mission trip was a huge success. All the girls had positive things to say about it and hope they get the chance to go again next year!