Do you know how to defend yourself?


In 2008, victims age 12 or older experienced a total of 203,830 rapes or sexual assaults. The attackers of these assaults look for the most vulnerable women when lurking for a victim. Predators are known to look for women who seems weak, are not paying attention, and have items they can benefit from. Most attacks can be prevented by a few simple steps that all women and girls should make a habit of. These steps include:

1) Awareness and Self-confidence – Awareness is key, and by staying off the phone while alone, it gives the sense of awareness. It lets the attacker know the education and potential defensive skills possessed, and that way they are less likely to attack someone that would not be easy to take advantage of.

2) Utilizing the Police or Security Personnel – The best possible protection can come from the police and security in the area. In certain circumstances, such as walking in a parking lot, the officer would be more than happy to protect you – that is what they are there for. Asking to be accompanied to your vehicle may seem intimidating at the time, but is ultimately worth it.

3) Everyday Weapons – One well-known self defense weapon is Mace, and it is a useful weapon. However, some items are not thought to be used in self-defense. The panic button on car keys should be in hand while walking to the car. If attacked, the panic button can sound and give off a public alarm for help and a sign of distress without any thought. If the panic button is immediately pressed, it may scare off the attacker. Ultimately, the most effective weapon is the voice. By loudly saying “Are you following me?!” , shows the attacker that you will scream and attract attention to the situation making yourself unattractive to the attacker.

4) Know your skills and strengths – The best way to stay informed is by attending just one self defense class, and you can bulletproof your mind. Key moves and tips on how to escape an attacker or knowing of pressure points to release yourself from the attacker’s grip are essential. Academy Sophomore Rachel Mckenna explains, “I plan on taking a self-defense class soon because I wouldnt know how to protect myself in that kind of situation.”

5) Follow your intuition – That danger feeling is called Intuition. Intuition is the sixth sense that can act as a protection against any attacker. With being aware comes the sense of intuition, and when you follow your intuition instincts you will most likely be right. Academy Senior Danielle Orr shares, “One time I was working at a food pantry, and I was walking back from the bathroom. Then I heard someone behind me, I looked, and I saw someone jump into the bushes. I took a second look, and realized it was a man who had said demeaning comments to me the week prior. The church ended up filing a restraining order against the man.”

Ultimately, Christopher Man-Son-Hing from Man-Son-Hing Martial Arts Academy advises that a woman should always be aware of her surroundings and have self-confidence while walking alone or with another female. Next time you’re at risk, remember these tips, and make a habit of them to keep yourself safe. Check out more here.