With the newly released iPhone 15 and the potential recall of the iPhone 12, Apple is facing both serious criticism and praise.
With the newly released iPhone 15 and the potential recall of the iPhone 12, Apple is facing both serious criticism and praise.
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Apple iPhone 15, Upgrade for your health?

On Friday, September 22, Apple released the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro for retail sale. The new line of iPhones is available in five new colors including pink, yellow, green, blue, and black. For the first time, these colors are infused into the back glass with an additional matte appearance. While the new phones are appealing to the eye, they also promise additional durability and functionality. The ceramic shield front cover, Apple says, is the strongest iPhone glass yet and also doubles as a water and dust-resistant surface. The new line highlights include something Apple is referring to as a Dynamic Island, taking the place of the original front-facing camera. This new camera feature promises better-resolution images and a two-times zoom-in feature. The new phones also have some safety features added on. Roadside assistance via satellite is available in case of an accident and this service is completely covered for AAA members. Furthermore, Apple claims to have kept the environment in mind while designing fiber-based packaging and using recycled and low-carbon materials while designing their new line of devices. 


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Among the excitement of a new iPhone line, however, a major problem has been revealed concerning an older iPhone model, the iphone 12. After finding the iPhone 12 emits more radiation than allowed by the European Union standards, French officials have pushed for the recall of the device and have banned it from sale in France. It was found that the iPhone emits 5.74 watts per kilogram of radiation despite the European standards being only 4 watts. Apple has stated that the iPhone 12 has been certified by many international corporations and meets every safety criteria and regulation for the hand-held device. The radiation emitted is not thought to be a concern for human health, but officials are asking that iPhone 12 users update their phones to prevent further radiation from being spread while this problem is under investigation. 

With the media buzz around both of these devices, the Apple corporation must be greatly overwhelmed by both the praise over their new product and the concerns facing another. Many think it is suspicious that an old product is found to have technological issues immediately before the release of a new product. Could this be a new tactic for old iPhone users to be forced to upgrade to a new device? 

This is not a new conspiracy, however, as Apple customers have been complaining about sudden problems with their devices before the release of new ones. Some customers have even reported their iPhone 11 microphones to have stopped working after the announcement of the 12. These reports raise concerns about the reliability and trustworthiness of the tech giant who continues to release new iPhones annually despite these complaints

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