Keeping Up With the Academy Lacrosse Team


Photo credits: Alexa Traviesa ACHONAonline / piktochart

The lacrosse team has 5 district games, and must win at least 3 games in order to attend district finals.

The lacrosse season began on January 29, when coach, Arianna Louder, held the last day of tryouts and announced the team for the season.  The Academy girls 2018 lacrosse team members are listed below.

Upperclassmen Underclassmen
Alexa Traviesa (‘18)   

Alexandra Fonseca (‘18)

Mia Lopez (‘18)

Feraby Hoffman (‘18)

Haley Palumbo (‘18)

Myah Rhines (‘19)

Megan Scanlan (‘19)

Lily Martinez (‘19)

Sarah Kate Murphy (‘19)

Amelia Traviesa (‘20)

Ella Castellano (‘20)

Olivia Williams (‘20)

Ashley Mackinnon (‘20)

Dorothy Pickard (‘20)

Natalia Fonseca (‘20)

Lauren Jones (‘20)

Alyssa Sanchez (‘20)

Kylee Weathers (‘20)

Abbey Crowther (‘21)

Jessica Reynolds (‘21)

Natalie Gillis (‘21)

Jayse Angel (‘21)

On Tuesday, Feb. 20, Academy’s varsity lacrosse team played their first game of the season against Jefferson High School. The Academy Jaguars defeated the Jefferson Dragons 15-1. 

The lacrosse team’s next game is this Friday, March 2, at home at 6pm. 

In the off-season, the girls who wanted some pre-season practice signed up for a Shooters Team, which is a league that allows for girls to play games against each other every Sunday. The “lady jags” won the fall Shooters’ League championship.

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Abbey Crowther (’21) says, “After all of the hard work, conditioning, and practice that we put in leading up to Jefferson, it was great to actually get on the field and compete against someone wearing a different colored jersey.  As a freshman playing in my first game, I was really amazed at how quickly we gelled as a team!  However when I thought about it some more, I really wasn’t surprised because our team is loaded with talented upperclassmen who really care about all of us.”