Easter Mass celebrates the Annunciation to Mary and recognizes two retiring teachers and a birthday


Ms. Virgina Liston and Ms. Sharon Cowart accept a bouquet of flowers and a standing ovation from the school

Sam Vargas, Section Editor

After what felt like a three-week-long spring break, Academy students arrived at school on April 9. Before continuing their classes, the students and faculty came together to celebrate a school-wide Mass. It began with a welcome from President Mr. Art Raimo. He reminded everyone to return their focus on their studies. In addition, he announced that several fifth graders would be join the Worship Band in singing for the Mass.

Father Steve Ryan SDB celebrated the Mass.  In his homily, he reminded students of the sacrifices made by Jesus Christ and the different things we must keep in mind throughout the year. Along with celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Mass celebrated the Annunciation to the Virgin Mary.  “Always do what is right. Christ is alive in us. Sin can’t win!”

The Worship Band led the congretation with audience favorites such as “Table of Plenty” and “Go Ye Out.”

At the end of Mass, seniors Alexandra Diaz and Marisa Infante came forth to the lectern to thank the school’s religion teachers, Ms. Cowart and Ms. Liston. “Both Ms. Cowart and Ms. Liston have been with the Academy faculty for many years and have become an essential part of helping students grow in their faith. As role models, they have influenced us in how we behave and view the world. ”

It was a bittersweet moment as the two teachers, with tears in their eyes, accepted a bouquet of flowers and a standing ovation from the school.

Just as students thought Mass was coming to a close,  Mr. Raimo announced that  Sister Mary Glavin’s birthday was that day. Students and faculty faced Sister as they sang “Happy Birthday.” Her smile lit up the Brady Center and afterwards throughout the school day.