Key Club serves up dinner at Ronald McDonald House


Key Club members serve food with a smile!

Sam Vargas

Academy girls cooking and singing in the kitchen?  You bet!  There they were on a Tuesday afternoon, April 30 – nine members of the Key Club, each lending a hand and a voice at the Ronald McDonald House.

Club members donated dry and packaged  food to the cause. Carly Stagg, the coordinator of the event, chose the Asian cuisine recipes that were to be cooked for dinner Juniors Gini Barreda, Olivia Hobbs, Carly Stagg, and Samantha Vargas purchased the rest of the food an hour before the event.  Sophomores Gillian Earl, Hayley Allmand, Carly King, Eleeza Santos, Anne-Marie Houston helped the juniors with cooking two batches of stir fry with rice, created an Asian salad, mixed a fruit salad, and baked two cakes – one coconut cake and one chocolate chip cake.

Employees of the Ronald McDonald House were so happy with the girls’ spirit and hard work that they invited the club to return for an encore in May.

Earl’s excitement shone through her work as she chopped fruit. “We were at the Ronald McDonald House last month, and it was really fun! I am so glad they asked us to come back again.”

Junior Gini Barreda enjoyed cooking for the House.   “Next time, we were thinking about making tacos!”