Simple, Subtle, and Festive Fall DIYs

When the temperature hits 74 degrees, Floridians search for ways to make Fall happen even if the weather is not as enthusiastic as we are. The best way to make Fall really feel like Fall is with some DIYs. Some of the cutest fall trends can be recreated with the helpful tips from our beloved Pinterest boards, but sometimes these Do-It-Yourself crafts do not always go as planned. So, that is why the simplest DIYs were chosen to hopefully find a few reliable projects. The few simple DIYs including, the cloth twisted head wrap, red matte nails, five minute infinity scarf, and burlap banner can really put anyone in the spirit of Fall. [Sometimes other items work better than others, and the steps can be adjusted for personal preference.

The head wrap is most definitely the most complex of the five, but it is manageable for those who know how to work with fabric. The steps from Here  seem to have the best step by step plan. These include:

  1. choose a stretchy jersey material for the head wrap(Pic)
  2. cut two 8” by 24” pieces
  3. fold both strips in half and sew seam along the bottom(pic)
  4. turn the strips inside out
  5. Lay both strips across each other creating a cross or X-shape(pic)
  6. fold one strip in half around the other and do the same with the second strip
  7. Gather the four ends together, and sew a seam to hold them together
Fall Cloth -Twisted Head Wrap
Photo credits of: http://streetscenewintage.blogspot/2012/07/vintage-diy-6-easy-and-quick-diy.html


The most time consuming of the projects proves to be one of the cutest. The dark red matte nails are the perfect subtle elegance for a fall staple. The only items necessary are

  1. dark red nail polish
  2. matte top coat

These polishes can be picked up at a local Walgreens or CVS. The steps are easy: first apply two coats of dark red nail polish and let dry, then top with the matte polish for a simple and trendy finish.

Red Matte Nails
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An infinity scarf may be the best fall accessory, and buying one from a department store may be costing more than it should. The greatest part of this DIY is that any old clothing items can be put to good use. An old sweater works best as a thick chunky scarf, or use an old shirt for a thinner and more light-weight look. These quick and easy steps for an old sweater include cutting the torso of the sweater, and then bunching it up into a circle for the perfect chunky infinity scarf.

Infinity Scarf
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For a constant reminder of Fall, try the burlap banner. This is the perfect accessory to any room to make the room feel festive. These items can make it happen:

  1. Burlap
  2. Woven string
  3. White paint
  4. Small Brush

First cut the Burlap moderately sized triangles, and count the number of letters in the phrase or word you would like to display for the number of triangles to cut. Once the triangles are cut weave the string through each corner of the burlap to place them on the string. To keep the triangles in place secure them with dabs of glue at their intersection. Once dry, paint the letters in order on the triangles to give the final display. Continue to dry, and hang up to put you in the feel of Fall.


Burlap Banner
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