Academy Seniors Take Over Focus 11!


Gaby Ruiz

Sophia Guerra (Left), Sarah Castillo (Middle) and Sister rehearsing before their skits!

Remember focus 11? If you attended a Catholic middle school in Tampa or St. Petersburg, you definitely went to this event! Focus 11 is a vocation oriented program that allows 6th graders to reflect on God’s special call towards their lives. This day helps 6th graders ponder on the possibilities of religious life and priesthood. It is a jammed packed day filled with inspirational speakers, activities, skits, prayer, discussions, songs and a special talk from the bishop.

Senior Sophia Guerra reminisced on Focus 11 in 6th grade, “I remember going to Focus 11 in 6th grade and being so excited to see all the other catholic schools. Being a part of the retreat this year and going back to St. Lawrence was so bittersweet. I hope I made an impact in some of the students lives.” This year, a group of Academy seniors had the opportunity to go to St. Lawrence Catholic School and perform a skit for the 6th graders. This skit involved a girl (played by Siobhan Lynch) reflecting on what she should do with her life. She knows she loves kids, so she considers being a teacher. She has the “dream” of being a teacher and realizes that she may not have the patience to be with kids everyday. In the next dream, she considers being a yoga instructor. Though this job seemed fun, she quickly realizes it’s not exactly what she has in mind, so she reflects again on what God’s plan for her is. In her third dream, she considers religious life. She sees how even though they’re sisters, they can still do fun things like go to lunch with friends, go bowling, participate in mission trips and live a normal life! After this, she considers living out the word of God as a religious person.

This skit might seem corny, but the 6th graders found it hilarious and laughed along at all the jokes. Though it seems like a small gesture, showing these simple situations can spark curiosity in their minds. Many of these children could potentially want to be a part of the religious life and follow God’s plan for their lives. If you’re interested in possibly being involved in this skit next year, contact campus ministry and see how you can be involved! Mrs. Holland always has ways for us to help in our community. This vocational field trip can help in all aspects of peoples lives. If not religiously, it can help young people understand it’s important to have strong morals and integrity at a young age and for the rest of your life.