Third Quarter Events

Rachel McKenna, Junior Staff Writer

Third Quarter is always cluttered with events and days off that ultimately make the quarter shorter than any of the rest. This can stress or relax some students, and no matter what end of the spectrum she is at keeping track of these dates can help prepare for a great start to second semester.

Tuesday, January 12: report cards come out; Sophomore mass

Thursday, January 14: Blessing of the Rings

Friday, January 15: Junior Ring Ceremony

Monday, January 18: MLK day (no school)

Friday, January 22: Semester 2 drop/add

Friday, January 29: Re-Focus 9

Monday, February 1: Catholic Schools Week starts; Catholic Schools Week mass

Tuesday, February 2: Poetry Out Loud

Wednesday, February 3: Community Service day

Friday, February 5: Pep Rally

Sunday, February 7: Class of 2016 Senior Endowment Event

Monday, February 8: Mini-Course registration (Seniors/Juniors)

Tuesday, February 9: Mini-Course registration (Sophomores/Freshman)

Wednesday, February 10: Ash Wednesday Mass

Thursday, February 11: Mother Daughter Dinner; Pajama Day

Friday, February 12: Faculty Day (no school)

Monday, February 15: President’s Day (no school)

Tuesday, February 16: optional Lenten Mass (lunch)

Wednesday, February 17: Winter Sports Banquet (6:30)

Monday, February 22: Reconciliation (grade 9)

Tuesday, February 23: Reconciliation (grades 10-12); missionary spiritual prep (7:15 in the chapel)

Thursday, February 25: Focus 11 (Juniors)

Tuesday, March 1: Mini-Course week meetings

Wednesday, March 2: Spring sports team pictures

Thursday, March 3: Senior retreat (overnight)

Friday, March 4: Senior retreat

Monday, March 7: Mini-Course week starts

Friday, March 11: Third Quarter ends; Mini-Course week ends

“Third quarter is always my favorite, because of the days off [which make] the weeks go by quickly. I’m [also] excited for Junior Ring! Finally, I get to wear the ring after 13 years of Academy. I’m also going on a Mission Trip to North Carolina for Mini-Course week, so I am excited to bond with my sisters and have a fun time away from Tampa,” says Junior, Riley Rubio.