Hit song of 2010 more like a missed message

 As 2010 comes to a close, we start making lists: the funniest moments, the best parties, the most wins of the basketball season. 

One list that is seldom overlooked is the one with the best songs of the year.  Already, Topchart-40, Billboards, and Arctop-40 all claim that “Like a G6” by the Far East Movement is the number one song of 2010.

This group boasts a few songs that have appeared on television, in movies, and even on Los Angelse radio as their number one hit, even before they had dropped a debut album.  The opportunity to work with Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg, N*E*R*D, and Lil Jon has influenced this group’s blend of pop, hip hop and electro music genre.

Ms. Linda Ruescher, Academy pianist, organist, and choral conductor, who has a B.A. in music and organ performance, questions Far East Movement’s position as number one . “The lyrics are boring and repetitive, the message is harmful, there is no tune, and the beat is not at all imaginative or creative.” 

The artist’s point of view catches Ms. Ruescher’s attention as well.  “If people who listen to this song believe that drinking makes you cool and beautiful and ‘in’… then I guess it’s convincing. But, the truth is that if people drank as much as in the video, they would be falling down and throwing up…”

Although Ms. Ruescher perceives “Like a G6” uninteresting and its topic inappropriate for many of its minor listener,  the fact still remains that that three music rating charts dub the song number one for 2010.

Ms. Stefanie Rotolo, Academy drama teacher and  current choreographer with 19 years dance experience, sees a connection of the song’s  lyrics  to the Three 6 Mafia.

“Another play on words is Three 6 – the Three 6 Mafia – a gangster group, and ‘slizzard’ which references being under the influence.” The lyrics suggest feeling fly and high while consuming alcoholic beverages. “For the targeted audience of listeners, this is a negative image to portray.”

Both teachers believe the song’s popularity shows that some music fans care more about the beat and the tune rather than whether the topic for “Like A G6” is inappropriate. An informal poll of ten teenagers between the ages of 14 and 18 revealed that all of them perceive the song as “feel good” music. As for the focus of the song, 50 percent believe the subject pertains to a plane. 

Ms. Rotolo stated, “For a younger generation that is looking for direction or modeling, this song may have potential to give a positive perspective on a negative and illegal action. For anyone who is comfortable with themselves and their morals, they may only reference it as a song that is catchy in rhythm to dance to.”

Unfortunately, teens today disregard song lyrics and like to listen to music for its tune and beat.  Only one out of ten questioned admits to not really paying attention to the lyrics, while half of them interpret the song as having a  “jet topic.”

Based on this informal poll,  songs, whether inappropriate or not,  will continue to be a hit based on their  beat and tune, and the content of  their lyrics will continue not to be the top priority that makes a song popular.

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Hit song of 2010 more like a missed message