On Friday, March 22, 2024, the film Immaculate hit the theatres starring popular Sydney Sweeney.
On Friday, March 22, 2024, the film “Immaculate” hit the theatres starring popular Sydney Sweeney.
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“Immaculate” Review

Immaculate featuring the rising star, Sydney Sweeney, is a cinematic film about a nun who joins a convent in the countryside. However, things quickly turn south when nightmares come to life and things aren’t what they seem. Sweeney delivers an outstanding performance, effortlessly embodying her character with emotion. Here is an honest reaction to the new film:

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Sydney Sweeney delivers an outstanding performance in the film that seamlessly blends elements of religion with psychological horror. If you’re a horror fan, I highly recommend it. The movie follows Sister Cecilia, played by Sweeney, who finds herself thrust into a world of uncertainty when she discovers she’s pregnant despite never having engaged in such activities. Director Michael Mohan weaves together nods to classics like Rosemary’s Baby and The Nun, but with a refreshing twist. 

The cinematography captures both the glory of the cathedral and the suffocating sense of dread that lies within. Jump scares are executed keeping audiences on the edge of their seats without descending into predictability. Each scene serves a purpose, pushing the narrative forward with genuine emotional responses from viewers. Whether you’re a horror movie fan or just simply seeking an upcoming film, this is a highly recommend one to watch. 


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