Holy Mole-y! Sophomores rule on Mole Day

Holy Mole-y! Sophomores rule on Mole Day

Sophomoles unite! On October 22 the sophomore class and AP Chemistry students celebrated Mole Day in mole-tastic style. This Mole Day marked the fifteenth anniversary of mole festivities at the Academy. Besides being a furry and blind creature, the mole is also a scientific measurement used to quantify very small amounts, 6.022X10^23, as any good chemistry student would know. Academy girls take the task of celebrating Mole Day seriously, making this year’s event the best one yet.

The day began with a coronation in the Brady Center. In typical Academy fashion, there was a plethora of food and beverages available for hungry students and faculty. To show further spirit for moles, many sophomoles set up nose and whisker painting stations. During the morning event, Mole King and Queen were announced. Despite the close competition, it was Mr. Motta who was triumphant as king, and  Ashton Hill voted queen with Taylor Hernandez Mole as princess.

The mole festivities continued during lunch with activities on the front lawn. Students enjoyed entertainment in the form of bashing a piñata and playing twister. The party continued into the chemistry lab, where scholars participated in a friendly competition regarding The Periodic Table of Elements. Winners of the contest received extra credit points in the form of RAZ dollars. The celebration did not end in chemistry class, but rather at the end of the school day when all of the sophomores gathered in the science wing for one final bash. Mrs. Zambrano provided cake and Coca Mola for all of her beloved moles. Winners for the coveted mole projects were announced during the ending party. Mole Day 2010 was a day to cherish for chemistry students and will always remain one of the best AHN memories.

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Holy Mole-y! Sophomores rule on Mole Day