Achona staff finds their style

Recently Paige Mangan visited the Honors Journalism class in N407 during Set 3, bringing fashion photos, questions and her own sense of style. She then sat down to serious business, questioning each of the journalism girls about what they wore on the weekend, what they wear on dates, and so the list goes.

Mangan evaluated senior Brynn Wiley’s fashion style as a sporty classic prep look. She advised Brynn to stick with understated colors and conservative ensembles as a result of her comfy clothes preference but still maintain her elegant attitude. She recommended that Brynn check out stores such as J.Crew, the Loft, and Ralph Lauren for the styles that fit her preferences.

Mangan deemed senior Mary Patterson to have a romantic, cute and comfy style. The most dominant style is Romantic because of her choice of celebrity role model Taylor Swift. Mary typically leans toward light colors, long dresses, loose tops, high-waisted jeans, trouser pants, wedge heels, high-rise boots, and lace. Mary stays away from tight jeans and shirts, sequins, shoes with skinny heels, and avoids dark colors. Mangan advised her to check out Keys Country, J. Crew, The Loft and other stores that feature romantic clothing.

Sophomore Jessica Riddle was intrigued by the questionnaire Mangan helped her fill out. Questions included “Which celebrities’ closets you would go through?” and “Where do you see yourself in two years?” Her answers? Jessica would like to raid Selena Gomez’s and Taylor Swift’s closets’s, and she plans to focus on acting in college and would live to raid Selena Gomez’s and Taylor Swift’s closets.

After looking through photographs of celebrities, Jessica selected styles she liked. Mangan decided that Jessica prefers a more classical look, but with spurts of edgy flare. She advised Jessica to accent her wardrobe with leather jackets, jeans, and darker colored dresses and recommeded clothing stores that would accommodate Jessica’s style, including forever 21.

Sophomore Bridget Davis’s style was a bit more difficult to decipher. Not really having a specific look, Davis answered questions that provided a better feel for her preferences. Bridget’s answers seemed all over the place, showing that she has not developed her own sense of style and is still experimenting with different looks. Using her fashion expertise, Mangan interpreted Bridget’s love of colored jeans and comfort as  trendy, cute and comfortable.

After watching Paige analyze other styles, junior Cara Millburg felt comfortable with Mangan analyzing her style.  After a few questions, Mangan said that Cara had a classic style with some sporty aspects. Paige even detected a hint of preppiness in her wardrobe. Although it was difficult for Cara to admit, she had her style dead on. All in all, Cara felt the  need to purchase a Ralph Lauren polo dress asap.

As I sat down with Mangan to “find my style” of clothing, she asked me a number of questions to delve into my quest. “What’s your favorite color?” Red. “On your typical date night what would you wear?” she questioned. Easy, dark denim capris, a nice appropriate top with cute shoes, and my Longchamp bag.

The questions targeting what I would typically like to wear helped Paige decide what my look is after showing me different photos of celebrities in different styles of clothing. Immediately I was enamored by the classiness of Lauren Conrad, the edginess of Selena Gomez, and the preppiness of Reese Witherspoon.

“Your style is simply classy with a side of edgy and a hint of preppy,” Paige replied to my ooing and ahhing over Lauren Conrad’s classic one-shoulder chiffon dress. I’m very pleased with the accuracy and results Paige offered. They seem to be a perfect fit when reflecting on my wardrobe!



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Achona staff finds their style