Room in your closet for maxi skirts?

Paige Manyon, Fashion Adviser

After seasons of debate, maxi dresses have finally become main stream – just in time for their cousin, the maxi skirt, to hit the horizon for the ultra-trendy fashionistas.

Just as people were afraid to try maxi dresses, these skirts scare many shoppers away because of their urban feel. I know that you, a brave and fashionable AHN girl, however, will be all over this cool trend!

What are the positives to the maxi skirt?

Super comfy. Available in all different styles, textures, patterns, and colors. Quick, easy way to elevate plain and boring tee-shirts to super trendy outfits for day or night.

What to look for?

Loose, thin fabric. Earthy colors – nothing too bright. A fold-over waist band (fits well and looks cutest with solid-color skirts).

Where to find them?

Key’s Country (MacDill). Urban Outfitters (International Mall). The Look (MacDill)

What to pair with them?

Tanks in complimentary colors. Jean jackets. Tight tees. Long necklaces. Woven sandals.