Hipster style is trend with teens

It’s easy to pick her out in a crowd: the girl that has “perfect without trying” down to an art. Her high-waisted denim shorts, oversized knit top complete with colorful bandeaux, and impeccably messy hair oozes disorganized trendiness. She accents her outfit, of course, with rainbow Toms and the pièce de résistance, a satchel boldly strapped over one shoulder. The outfit immediately brings one word to mind: hipster.

Hipster culture is rapidly becoming one of the newest fads in fashion for young adults. The movement, known for its love of indie music, thrift stores, and mustaches, echoes the hippie movement of the 1960s and ‘70s.

This creative rebellion against social norms has outwardly become exactly what it boasts itself not to be: mainstream.

Seemingly paradoxical, senior Anna Castellano sums up the dilemma, stating, “Hipsters don’t like to be called hipster, because labels are mainstream.” She laughs at this predicament and adds, “Then again, not wanting to become mainstream has become mainstream.”

Clothing stores that feature the retro-chic clothing typical of the movement have rocketed to success by captivating the minds, and wallets, of young women and men. Boutiques such as Forever XXI, Zara, and the almighty Urban Outfitters offer colorful, unique pieces that allow fashion to become a form of art. While true hippies and beatniks find their clothing in thrift stores and yard sales, these shops allow buyers to emulate their creativity and style without sacrificing ordinary shopping habits.

Academy senior Charmaine Bondoc says, “Hipster fashion is essentially vintage fashion.”

Off-the-shoulder tops, cropped pants, and thin belts are some of the typical pieces in an urban wardrobe. High-waisted skirts, loose-fitting tank tops, and anything in floral print also are distinctive of this fad. These styles give the wearer a sort of lanky, almost awkward figure. In this fashion trend, however, awkward is beautiful.

Each dress, blouse, and skirt is distinctly unique; many hand-made, they offer bold patterns, fabrics, and cuts. Long necklaces are also a staple, as are strappy sandals and dresses and tops with cut-out backs. The more unique, the better.

Whether genuinely hipsters or simply fans of fashion, young men and women have found new ways to express their creativity through clothing and accessories. This subtle rebellion against the cliché gives trendies a fun, interesting outlet for conveying the little bit of “fight the man” mentality that lives in the heart of every teenager.

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Hipster style is trend with teens