2012 Catholic Schools Week: Got God?...and spirit?!

2012 Catholic Schools Week: Got God?…and spirit?!

Spirit Week is off to a great start this week, thanks to the hard work and good planning of the Golden Girls and their capable moderators Ms. Danielle Groenen and Mrs. Deborah Collins.

Spirit Week allows students to demonstrate their faith, their service, and their creativity by attending Mass, participating in community service and dressing out in daily theme-related attire.  The week started off on a spiritual note with a school-wide Mass on Monday, which connected to the overall theme “Got God?”

Mrs.Collins said, “ Spirit Week is taking on a little more of a spiritual focus this year.  Basically, we are trying to embody what Catholic school is about with service to the community and those in need.  We are very excited for the plans we have and very excited for the opportunity to take on this endeavor.”

After Mass in the morning on Monday, January 30,  the high school gathered in the afternoon in the Brady Center to hear speaker John O’Leary share how his faith in God has helped him endure challenges in his life including  in his childhood suffering burns on 100% of his body and  during his adult years as a businessman, son to a father with Parkinson’s Disease, and a chaplain in a children’s hospital.

Mr. Jack Mullarkey, Assistant Principal, said, “I have been blessed to hear Mr. O’Leary speak and I can tell you that his message is both powerful and uplifting. I can assure you that people will be impressed and happy that they came to hear Mr. O’Leary speak.”

On Tuesday, the high school left campus to volunteer their time and effort to their choices of a variety of community services including . This year is the first that the Mission Teams will participate in Service Day. In the past Service Day has been part of Mini-Course Week, which is the week that the mission members are gone.

Even with these new additions to Spirit Week, Golden Girls, the moderators of the week, have adjusted well to the new schedule.  On Monday, between Mass and the speaker, the faculty allowed students to wear princess accessories and compete to win the locker decorating contest.  Golden Girls assigned each grade level with a different princess theme.  The seniors dressed up and decorated their lockers as Ariel, juniors as Cinderella, sophomores as Jasmine, and freshmen as Mulan.

“Wimpy Wednesday” encouraged students to dress up as nerdy as possible. “Theme Park Thursday” allows girls to dress up in any way that relates to their grade’s assigned theme park.  Seniors will dress up as Disney, juniors as Sea World, sophomores as Universal, and freshmen as Yellow Stone National Park. Highlighted activities of the day include the morning assembly for Poetry Out Loud Finals  in the Brady Center and the early evening Visiting Artist Program at the Tampa Museum.

“Futuristic/Flashback Friday” encourages seniors to dress as what they perceive as the future, juniors as the 80s, sophomores as the 70s, and freshmen as the 60s.

The Golden Girls encouraged girls to dress as creatively as they would like, but to stay within the dress code rules. Contests throughout the week have been designed for students to  win points for their grade level for an overall prize announced at the end of the week.

In addition, a pep rally with the entire high school will occur Friday afternoon. The Golden Girls are saving as a surprise the types of  activities they will have at the pep rally.  However, they promise that there will be opportunities for all students to add points to their grade.

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2012 Catholic Schools Week: Got God?…and spirit?!