Trendy but Classy 2013


Mary Green, Editor in Chief

Despite the inevitable pressure to appear trendy yet classy at their recent Ring Ceremony, the Class of 2013 showed poise and promise as each member received her ring while looking fabulous in her moment to shine.

For this important milestone in their lives, junior girls dressed  in their best, showing off popular trends for both the winter and spring seasons. Many ring-recipients wore blazers, a staple for any fashionista’s winter wardrobe, especially on a chilly day like January 19, the date of the ceremony. The jackets of Annie Polo, Kimber Knapp, and Miranda Reddick, colored in various hues, drew praises from the student body

Senior Olivia Jones said, “Blazers are very popular, and the three-quarter length worn by many juniors is stylish.”

Some juniors elected to don dresses with fun and fierce tribal prints, echoing the patterns of ever-fashionable Missoni. The colorful pieces of Sophia Miranda and Savanah Stark stuck out amongst the darker garments of selected by their classmates. A fun trend for any month, Missoni prints are especially prevalent in the spring and summer seasons.

The most popular overall style was the Romantic theme worn by a large faction of the Class of 2013. Highlighted by lace, lace, and more lace, this style recalls clothes of the Victorian era, along with that period’s fancifal females. The lace dresses of Caroline de Quesada, Felicia Nelson, and Grace Spurgin all highlighted this trend. Yet Jane Lazzara epitomized the true Romantic in her outfit, complete with a rose dress and coordinating ivory wedges and ruffled jacket.

“Jane’s combination of colors in her blazer and dress was edgy and feminine at the same time,” observed senior Josie Little.

Another style worn by a few juniors was the color-blocked look. This trend consists of pieces of bold, solid colors worn together, usually of contrasting shades. Both Ryann McEnany and Lillian Guinta displayed this look in their Ring Ceremony outfits. While Lillian’s dress was black and white, Ryann chose a black skirt and royal blue top that “really made her blonde locks pop,” commented Sarah Davis.

Amidst all the budding trend setters of the junior class, though, one particular girl stood out. Cailin Dunne, looking fabulous as always, picked a blue, Missoni-print dress that she complemented with a beige blazer. She walked down the aisle with nude heels that completed the look. Additionally, Cailin pieced her hair in a high, curled ponytail, escheweing the “hair-down” style worn by the majority of her classmates. While remaining classy for this traditional occasion, Cailin mananged to flawlessly look fashion-forward and trendy, a difficult balance to achieve.

“She just looked perfect and so put-together from head to toe,” admired Ciara Alvarez, a remark echoed by many senior fashion experts.

Even though they all chose different styles to wear on their special day, the juniors looked beautiful and reflected the elegance of the Ring Ceremony, making her freshman, sophomore, and senior sisters proud.