2012 Theme Park Thursday – Seniors in close first place so far


Golden Girls Moderators Mrs. Deborah Collins and Ms. Danielle Groenen announced late Thursday evening the grade totals for four of the five days of Spirit Week competitions, and the seniors came out ahead by 237 points.

Mrs. Collins noted that Friday’s competition will be intense.  “The points are very close, so it’s anyone game.”

Each day’s competition for Wednesday through Friday award points per grade for each person dressed out and for each person wearing Catholic Schools Week pins.  Thursday awards included the following places:

Dress out and wearing Pins for Thursday: 1st Freshmen, 2nd Sophomores, 3rd Seniors, and 4th Juniors

Point totals at end of Thursday showed seniors at the number one spot with 2235 points, freshmen at second with 1998 points, sophomores at third place with 1989 points, and juniors at fourth place with 1942 points.

The winners are for Best Dressed Theme Parks were #1. Seniors, #2. Sophomores, #3. Freshmen, and #4. Juniors.