Top Ten Rides at State Fair – plan now for next year!

Going to the State Fair is a Tampa Bay tradition, and this past year’s fair proved to continue the tradition with large crowds and screaming rides. If you did not make it this year, you can look forward to next year’s fair and this year’s Top Ten rides.

  1. Ferris Wheel – the fair has a wide variety of ferris wheels including one that flips upside down
  2. The Scramble – the classic ride that always has one of the longest lines because it gives the riders a perfect combination of speed and dizziness
  3. The Sky Ride- gives you a relaxing, slow pace, along with an aerial view of the entire fair
  4. Big Ben– this ride is a smaller version of the “Dr. Doom” ride at Islands of Adventure, which is always a thrill
  5. The Himalayas– this ride is not for all people, and the intensity of the it has those exiting the ride dizzy and wind blown
  6. The Sling Shot– this new attraction straps two people into seats positioned in a large see-through ball and sling shots the riders up above the entire park
  7. Fun House- the classic fun house is always a great “ride” for the little kids, especially the ones that have the “magical” mirrors that distort reflections
  8. The Swinging Chairs– the different sizes of the chair ride is aimed towards the different age groups, so it is fun for everyone
  9. Big Slide– even though this isn’t really a ride this attraction always has a very lengthy line; the riders get a large potato sack to ride down on a large slide
  10. Mouse Chase– one of the only roller coasters at the fair, this ride does not go upside-down and is one to check out
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Top Ten Rides at State Fair – plan now for next year!