The Happiest Place on Earth


The Epcot Ball marks the start of a great trip during the 2012 Mini Course Week.

Mary Patterson, Staff Editor

Orlando Disney World, including Epcot, is definitely the happiest place on earth, and the girls who had the opportunity to go over mini-course week had a blast. Seventy-nine girls participated in this “mission of fun” and eight chaperones: Ms. Kerry Keegan, Mrs. Lori Kearney, Mrs. Patricia Bohannan, Sr. Ann Reagan, Mrs. Beth Chase, Ms. Ginger Liston, Mrs. Jenny Van Pelt, and Mrs. Emily Swiger.

The girls arrived in Orlando on Tuesday afternoon, March and attended the Cinderella Dinner where they were greeted by Prince Charming.

The next day the girls headed to Epcot where they worked on a packet of activities including soda tasting, working on making a house protected from fires, and coin collecting with a plastic pig. The girls also rode the rides and ate at “The Land” as a group.

That night the girls were able to eat wherever they wanted. The Seniors ate as a group in Japan, where as the other grades ate at a variety of different places. Senior, Katie McCormick said, “I had a really great time at dinner in Japan eating with my sisters. It was a great bonding experience for me because I was able to hang out with some girls I never get to hang out with.”

On Thursday the group explored “Disney Quest,” and that afternoon went to Magic Kingdom. Senior Kerrie Spiller said, “I am so glad I invested in this trip! I was kind of hesitant when I heard about going to Disney Quest, but once we got there I had a blast! There were so many different levels of “legit” games, but my favorite was the river-rafting simulator.”

On Friday morning the girls woke up bright and early to go shopping in downtown Disney, the perfect way to end their trip to the happiest place on earth.