Fashion Myths-Busted!

1. No White After Labor Day


This myth is out of date! It came about because in the past, it was a sign of wealth to be able to switch color palettes each season, and it was decided that white would be for summer months only. Nowadays, wearing creamy white during the winter months is all the rage. Break out of this stuffy fashion stigma and wear white all year round!


2. Black and brown clash


This is not always true. When done right, black and brown are my favorite color combination! The two look best when you wear brown boots with black leggings, a brown purse with a black outfit, or brown jewelry with a black outfit. I usually stick to keeping the brown as the accent piece. A rule of thumb: if the brown piece you are wearing is leather, the combination always works! Be careful with cafe-colored browns in soft material, like cotton: these are very hard to match with black and usually don’t look right. Once you start wearing this combination often, you will get a really strong feel for what goes and what doesn’t.


3. Mom’s clothes are out of date


My mom’s closet is one of my favorite places to “shop!” Trust me- its a treasure chest full of cool patterns, comfy sweaters, and clothing basics. I raid my mom’s closet at least once a week, and I always get inspiration from a cool piece I find there. Even if your mom isn’t exactly your size, sometimes a new fit give an outfit a cool vibe. My favorite go-to piece from Mom’s closet? Casual button up blouses.


4. Your outfit has to match


To the contrary, match-matchy is out, and color mixing is in! When you wear a patterned skirt, your shirt does not have to be a color from the pattern. Wear something in the family of colors to look fashion forward and avoid looking overly put together. Necklaces should NOT have the same colors in them as the rest of your clothes. Go for random accent colors, like a teal bracelet with a pink dress or a yellow purse with a red shirt. One exception- it is very in to match your nail color to your outfit!


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Fashion Myths-Busted!