Put ‘must-have apps’ on top of your shopping list

For those students and adults just getting into the cyber craze with Smart Phones and tablets, check out the top favs around campus:
1. Twitter
The must-have app for tweeting on the go!
2. Instagram
Use this artsy app to jazz up your pictures.
3. Urbanspoon
Find restaurants based on location, price, and ethnicity with Urbanspoon.
4. Foursquare
This social networking app lets you check into places in order to rack up points against your friends.
5. Etsy
Etsy is a community of small storeowners who sell vintage and handmade clothing.
6. Google Translator
Perfect for every French, Latin, or Spanish student!
7. Camera +
Instantly edit your photos from drap to fab with this app
8. Moodagent
After inputting your mood into Moodagent, the app with analyze your iTunes library and create a playlist suited to your specific frame of mind.
9. Templerun
This tricky game is addictive!
10. Pandora
Pandora connects you to special stations that fit your particular music taste. It’s a great way to find new songs!
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Put ‘must-have apps’ on top of your shopping list