Set off your natural look for school and evenings in make-up with delicate colors and naturally defined eyebrows


Befor Paige Mangan ’12 heads off for FSU, she and her sister Paige model shimmery pink-hued lips that contrast with thick and naturally defined eyebrows.

Rachel Eilers, Senior Staff

Best make-up for school, if you wear it at all, is the natural look. The Mangan sisters have perfected this look for still-warm early fall outings.

1. Nude Face

The “fresh face” look was prominent at the summer fashion shows during New York Fashion Week and still continues here in Tampa Bay.  Just a soft dusting of eye shadow, very little, if any, mascara, softer eyebrows, rosy, flushed cheeks and pink gloss was used for a natural, no-makeup look. The sheer foundations and tinted moisturizers are perfect for rising temperatures.

2. Flushed cheeks

The exaggerated blush shows up in  most makeup trends.  However, this time instead of a wintry flush, it’s a look of sun-kissed or burnished cheeks. Use bronzers to contour the cheeks and to add subtle shimmer to eyelids.

3. Pastel Eye Shadows

Like delicate spring blossoms, pastel shadows and shimmery pink-hued lips will contrast with thick full and defined eyebrows.  One coat of mascara and flushed cheeks contoured with pink blush pulls together this look for warm days and nights.

4. Bare eyes

Go “all-naturale” in terms of eye shadows. Instead of packing on the shadows, apply a light color to your eyes. The “Barer” the better. A natural eye is always a beautiful one.

5. Flirty and Romantic Makeup

For evenings try flirty lavender lids, light blue and silver shadows under well-defined, thick brows will make eyes  look natural.  Adding to this effect, go for soft flushed cheeks in pinkish hues, and pink gloss on the lips.

6. Gold/Metallic Shadows

A rich touch of shimmery metallic gold  swept across the lids helps make the eyes pop for special occasions.  Add neutral skin and lips to finish off the look.  Shadows in metallic and soft pastel yellows are also popular.

7. High-Gloss Lips

Nude faces give the illusion of an unmade, natural face. So with your natural face, add a high shine glossy neutral or pink lips. You can also give neutral lipstick shades a little extra glow with gold-hued gloss.

8. Corals

Coral shades, along with neutral shades that compliment skin tones, continue to be popular.  Add some coral to your neutral face to give it some color. Try coral blushes or lipstick and a light gloss.

9. Orange

In case you find the neutral face look a snooze fest, never fear, a touch of warm orange or golden-orange on the cheeks and eyelids, with bold orange matte lips will also brighten faces during early fall.

10. Red Lips

Finally, the trend toward red lips continues to prevail.  Classy red lips, gorgeous eyes, and the rest of the face flirting with just a hint of color ,will be perfect for some early fall nights out with friends.