Originals by Orr

Originals by Orr

 Abo Juan
Forty-seven years ago he came
wanting the best for his children.
Ninety miles he flew
he flew for a better life
and he ever complained.
He ate dinner every day at 8,
never before,
he drank whiskey at 5,
never before,
He died when he was ready,
never before.
Abo Juan.
 A Passion for Sports
They say finding a love is the best feeling;
I fell in love young.
not with a boy, or a dog but with something I do;
I remember recesses playing with boys;
I also remember beating them all.
I remember winning a medal.
I fell in love;
And I fell in love young.
I am falling in love with something inside me. 
Please sir,
turn on your blinker,
put on your sensor
if you want to move, you stinker!
And if you want to pass me,
let it known,
I will let you pass, I guarantee
I go slow. I’m one of those who can drive alone.
Please don’t come that close!
Your making me nervous,
I know I’m going slow,
please do me a service.
And yes I go slow on turns,
please don’t sound your horn!
I’m just trying to learn,
you’re stubBORN!




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Originals by Orr