Stickers await the people whose finished voting.
Stickers await the people whose finished voting.

Voting is the trendy thing to do, Academy girls

What’s the trendiest thing an “of-age” Academy girl can do on November 6? Vote in the Presidential election, of course.

Ever since I was a tiny tot, I have been fantasizing about the day when I would one day cast my vote  for our Nation’s next leader – a bit dorky, I admit.

I mean, most people look forward to turning 18 so that they can be seen as adults in both the eyes of the law and at home. Hitting up clubs and buying lotto tickets are just two added bonuses that come with the big birthday. Yet, when I learned that being 18 meant casting my very first vote – that was the only thing that mattered.

Well, the time has finally come for six-year-old me to live out her wildest dream. Even if it seems to all of us new voters as though one vote will not make a huge difference, it is our important civic duty to decide where we see our collective America heading in the very near future.

Equally important are the free donuts that Krispy Kreme passed out to voters during the last presidential election. Although there has been no official announcement that they will again offer sweet morsels to voters on November 6, a girl can dream.

In all seriousness, this election will change how we go on with our day to day lives. Whichever candidate you support, it is important that you turn out to your polling station to cast your vote for a brighter future if you have not already mailed in your vote. Your polling station can be found be completing a simple Google search, or by paying attention to your local news station.

Gather a group of your Academy sisters and go rock the vote!

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Voting is the trendy thing to do, Academy girls