Diary of a Cat at Christmas

Diary of a Cat at Christmas

It’s almost here! My favorite time of year, Christmas!

They’ll be putting out that tall green scratching post again, complete with all of those shiny, round toys. I think my humans should re-think where they buy my toys though. Knock those shiny balls to the floor once, and they shatter into a million pieces!

Oh, and then they’ll cover the stairs with those strings of crinkly silver and gold that make the most wonderful sound when you bat them with their paws! I can hear it now… some of them even have those little blinky things scattered across them. I could sit there for hours just watching the lights flicker on and off, on and off…

Next the boxes will pile up under the scratching post, covered in colorful paper and shimmery bows. I can’t wait to jump on them and sink my claws in, and the ribbons don’t taste half-bad either! The humans like tearing the paper off too, but I wish they’d leave more for me! But at least they throw it away for me to roll in all over the house. I’ll never understand why they just toss the paper aside like it is garbage or something. Sometimes I think they wouldn’t know quality unless it walked around biting their ankles… Oh well, more for me!

When I think about it, my humans really are lucky to have me around the house. They always have such a great time decorating the house every winter with all of my favorite things. I think they like all those blinking lights and shiny toys and boxes almost as much as I do. Without me, they would have no one to clean up after when I cover the whole house in scraps, no one to put up that beautiful green tower for. Can you imagine? Somebody had the right idea, inventing a holiday devoted to cats and everything that they love.

But I still don’t understand why they call it Christmas… must be Latin for something to do with cats. . Anyway, seeing my humans so happy this time of year always makes me happy. But I can’t help but wonder, what do those houses without cats do every winter? Must be an awfully dreary existence…


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Diary of a Cat at Christmas