Achona Advice:  Writing the college essay

Achona Advice: Writing the college essay

Hey, Juniors! Stressed yet?

We at Achona know how hard it is to juggle advanced courses, sports, extracurriculars, work, and maintain some form of a social life.

Oh, and now you have been told that it is time to write your daunting college essay?

Back away from the stress eating, my friends. College counseling guru, Ms. Kerry Keegan, collaborated with Achona to share some tips on creating a top notch college essay.

1. Write the essay in your own voice. College counselors are not looking to admit your mother, teacher, or tutor. Save the formality for your English assignments, and write as if your passing a note to your dearest, most darling, BFFL. Colleges want to hear your personality oozing through that Common App portal.

2. Your essay need not be on a profound topic. You’ve only been on the Earth for 17 years. Avoid the typical topics that you think the colleges want to see. Some of the most effective college essays have been on seemingly mindless topics.

3. Plan now! Most seniors agree that writing the essay is the hardest part of the entire application process. Do not let writing bog you down. Find some inspiration and go from there.

4. Get a second, third, and fourth opinion. How your essay is received is incredibly subjective. One college counselor may absolutely adore it, while the other may think it is only so-so.

5. Be prepared to revise, and revise, and revise. It’s a process. Editing your essay can be a pain, but it will pay off when you receive that coveted letter in the mail.

6. Relax. You will go wherever you are meant to go. Be true to yourself throughout the application process, and everything will work out. We promise.




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Achona Advice: Writing the college essay